What is The True Meaning of Being a Catholic?

A Catholic is a Christian; a person who endeavors in following the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Catholicism is the oldest religion in the world and this has caused a significant number of people to perceive it as an individual religion. Catholics are Christians who express themselves in the value and beliefs set forth by the Catholic church.


Being a Catholic means sensing the power and presence of God sacramentally. God is omnipresent and having a sacramental sense allows Catholics to acknowledge Him as the source of all things. A Catholic must appreciate that God is supreme and is gracious to human beings.


Being a Catholic means believing that sacraments are God’s signs of grace. It means recognizing the seven sacraments and participating in them from time to time. It entails believing that the seven sacraments were given to the church by Jesus Christ and are a way of ensuring He remains in his people’s lives even after he ascended to heaven.


Catholicism entails believing that baptism is the only way through which God’s grace and presence enters a human soul. It means participating in Eucharist to receive the body, soul, blood, and divinity of Jesus Christ. It means being confirmed so that there can be a special outpouring of the holy spirit and a person can become a mature Christian. It entails participating in reconciliation where an individual will confess his or her sins to a priest and will receive forgiveness from God.


It amounts to believing in the anointing of the sick as a way through which they will receive physical and spiritual healing. It means appreciating marriage as a covenant where a man and a woman come together to form a family. It also means believing in the holy orders where men are ordained as deacons, bishops, and priests through the laying of hands and making of a prayer.


Being a Catholic means believing in the holy trinity. It entails believing that there is God, the father, whose love is boundless and every of his action is because of that love. He is the supreme power who created everything on earth. It comprises believing that there is God, the son, who was sent to save humanity from sin. He came to earth and was persecuted so that human beings could be redeemed. He then died and resurrected. A Catholic lives a life of imitating God the son, Jesus Christ. It entails believing that there is God the Holy Spirit who is a guide and comforter. He dwells in the lives of people only when they are righteous.


A Catholic appreciates The Bible as God’s word and a guide to daily living. Being a Catholic entails reading the Bible as a way of hearing from God. A Catholic must also engage in a life of prayers as a way of communicating with God. The Holy Spirit guides an individual through the prayer life.


Being a Catholic means acknowledging the importance of service to other people and leading a life of service. It means helping those in need and not living an individualistic life.


Finally, being a Catholic means recognizing the primacy of the Pope and seeking his guidance for moral decisions. One doesn’t need to see the places to go in Europe for pilgrimages.